Great Summer Reading Vacations

If you are like us and think vacation = plenty of reading, you may like to take a peek at this article that provides you with the 5 Great Vacations for Readers. Nothing delights me more than sitting down by the dock, listening to the water slap the sides of the shore and rocks, the loons singing and a nice wonderful read to relax with. As the article says, if you are a book lover, these five venues would make for a great vacation. Each one is conducive to catching up on the books piled on your nightstand or the ones you’ve downloaded on your e-reader (and I definitely could use this time to do just that!)

Guest Reviewer– SIMON LEBON!!!

Come on! I know that all of you are just DYING to know what Simon LeBon from Duran Duran is reading this summer! (Not really my cup of tea since it is Science Fiction but look how great he looks in that picture!!)

Check it out:

Everyone should also check out Duran Duran’s new Album All You Need Is Now. IT IS AWESOME!!!! Don’t just take my word for it! 4/5 stars in the UK’s Guardian music review!

Out Next Week – Kwame’s Book

Well, the thief Kwame Kilpatrick’s book is out next week– have you pre-ordered yours? 😉

For some reason i find myself morbidly curious about it. maybe because i work in the D or could it be the train wreck factor? Well, at least he won’t get any profits until The City of Detroit has been paid back in full…