Here’s that book again!

So you may remember a few posts back when I took the Oprah quiz as to what  I should read next and this book appeared…

Well, here it is again!, appearing in NPR’s “You Must Read” listing…

When I first saw the description of the book after taking the quiz, I was scratching my head since this really didn’t seem to be something that would interest me in any way.  However, NPR has given this brief tidbit to mull over, “If you’re in search of a genre-bending, perspective-shattering read, look no farther than Victor LaValle’s crime thriller Big Machine. Author Dolen Perkins-Valdez says the kaleidoscopic novel deftly weaves crime with dynamics of race, class and religion in an explosion of utter originality.” Hmmmm….now reading further in to it’s fuller description from NPR (see link above) I actually DO see myself potentially reading this. A twisting collage of crime? Check. Race, class and religion? Check. Summoned to a library? Check. A quirky group named Unlikely Scholars? Well, hmmmm, sign me up!

I do have to say, however, that I’m growing a tad weary of this tag of “genre-bending” term though, but I won’t let it get in the way of a potentially good read.

So, it seems, that perhaps Oprah was right? Oh Oprah! ☺


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