Colour me excited!

As I was browsing for ideas for a more “fall-themed” icon for the Literary Hoarders, I came across The Rapsheet blog, which has conveniently listed under Falling for Autumn Reads, a list of 100 Autumn mystery, crime and thriller novels due out in bookstores between now and New Year’s Day….so of course I needed to click on it right?

This got my attention:

and further reading of the description about The Boy in the Suit Case ensures that I will be adding to the forever growing pile of to be read…


oh my to my squealing delight….this appeared as something that is coming out in January 2012 :

Elizabeth George, Believing the Lie

 Oh my….how I LOVE my Elizabeth George. I will be anxiously, anxiously awaiting January!

Where I am wishing I was right now…

The weather is starting to turn, the colours on the leaves are changing and I’m sitting here in the office, at work, dreaming of this:

Or this is just as nice:


and I know this is what some people prefer :

It all looks simply wonderful….but with our cold temps starting to come through, #1 is a complete dream. Especially on this slow, sleepy seeming Friday. My mind is just not on work-related tasks, but crawling back in to the year 1340 in Siena with Juliet

Although, lately, it’s just been tickling me with glee when my son has been winding down and getting ready for bed and he pats the bed beside him asking to “come read with me Mumma” and I’ll get my book, he’ll get his and we’ll snuggle in together and read. I’m loving that it’s becoming a little nighttime ritual for the two of us to spend time together and read. Well, that’s just another wonderful place to be, somewhere where I would rather be right now…

Okay, so this graphic doesn’t quite suit, but it’s the only one that looked close enough to the two of us. 🙂

October is the official Reading Group Month

Tomorrow marks the start of October (already!) and it looks to be a pretty good month as October is designated the National Reading Group Month.

Reading groups prove that good books bring people together. National Reading Group Month salutes these reading groups since it fosters their growth and promotes the love of literature. So here’s to the celebration and opportunity to find that next great read, join that reading group and for your reading groups to reflect on the joy of shared reading.

The National Reading Group Month site can help point you in the direction of your next great read or find out how to join/start a group. Let’s celebrate October and celebrate great reads (and give a shout out to your book club! The Literary Hoarders group is posted up top).