More Hoarding…

and the hoarding continues thanks to the B&N 50% off paperbacks sale, Boarders going out of business and Penny and my Mom sharing the wealth!!!



2 thoughts on “More Hoarding…

  1. You’ve got some excellent books there! I want to hear what you thought of Simon’s book (clever title!), and The Surrendered, two that I’ve been curious about. I can vouch for Persepolis and The History of Love, and I have When God was a Rabbit in my tbr pile, as well as One Day. Actually, perusing your blog, I see we have quite a few books in common!

    • oh! i wish i liked Simon’s book better!! not as much clever, nerdy Star Wars references as i had hoped for! the life story parts about how he got into “showbiz” were interesting enough but he had these comic/James Bond stories in there that, at first, i thought were kind of cute but got on my nerves by the end. not horrible tho– just maybe not enough life yet for a full book.

      i’m really looking forward to History of Love!! glad to hear it is good!!

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