Review: The Night Circus

Oh! The potential was there! The marketing machine WAS fantastic, the writing AMAZING, lots of quirky characters that were quite lovely but the thing is I just didn’t think anything actually happened in this book!

2 rival magicians each select a child student who will be raised solely to compete in a “challenge” that will take place at an undetermined date and place. Prospero the Entertainer chooses his daughter, Celia, and “the man in the grey suit” chooses an orphan boy with no name (he names himself Marco). You find out soon enough that the Night Circus is the venue and that Celia and Marco are destined for each other! How hard does it get for them when they find out there can only be one survivor? Trouble is, Celia and Marco are hardly the characters you cheer for as you are reading this book! Poppet and Widget were ADORABLE and their adventures with Bailey were so much fun; the contortionist was super mysterious and sexy– she left you begging for more; and Chandresh Christophe Lefevre was like was your favourite quirky, gay uncle and you just wanted to give him a great big hug!

That is not to say it isn’t worth the read—Erin Morgenstern is a master of description! I could see the endless sea of black and white striped tents, smell the caramel in the air, feel the chill of the Ice Garden and hear the circus music playing (this song by Dead Can Dance was playing thru my head the whole time i was reading this book: ). I was definitely transcended to Le Cirque de Reves while reading. But was this enough to make me want to leave home and join the “Reveurs”? Not really. 3 stars.


3 thoughts on “Review: The Night Circus

    • Although this is Jackie’s review…I agree with your review as well…that being said, I’m only 36% in to the book and where some parts grab me with the visually pleasing tales, I’ve been reading Elizabeth’s and Jackie’s and many other reviews about how it falls kind of flat. I do indeed find the writing bland in many areas, (most notably in the beginning) and the chapters are hyper short, which leads me to feel the target group is YA readers. BUT – I should finish this book! Shouldn’t I?? Many thanks for leaving your comments! Thanks for visiting the site and we hope to have you back again,

  1. i kind of enjoyed her descriptions but agree that they really went nowhere. i also think it will make a better movie and can really see the YA crowd getting into the whole “Reveurs” thing. thanks for the comment! i enjoyed your review and your Blog as well!

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