Gifts for that special book lover in your life

Book Lover’s Gift List

Ah, Christmas is just less than 4 weeks away. This year it seems to be coming on so fast, but if you’re stuck on what to get that book lover in your life this year (outside of a trusty new book), we’ve compiled a handy little gift idea list.


Book Lover Wine Glass Charms

Perfection!! and of course #1 on the list!

2.) Music for Book Lovers

Picture yourself toasty by the fire with a warm cuppa and the perfect mix of music playing softly in the background.

3.)   Personal Library Kit:

If you’re hoarding books like us, chances are you are lending them too. This great gift lets you channel your inner librarian and comes complete with date stamp and check out cards. Brilliant! Makes it “safe” and easy to loan your books.

4.)  Rectangle Magnet :


Snort! If you’ve ever attended a Wink 3 Book Club, this is completely hilarious and downright perfect! 

5.) Really, anything at all from the list here from Cafe Press!

6.) Your beloved book lover would never turn down gift cards to their favourite book place! And honestly, even if this is what you get them every year, it’s always welcome!

7.)  Bookplates. Oh, how I love these…what a lovely thing to add to the inside cover of your books.

8.) Board games for book lovers!





The list is endless, but I truly believe as book people we are perhaps the most low-maintenance group out there! Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “Gifts for that special book lover in your life

  1. These are some great ideas but I think books themselves, whether they are real books or the digital variety, make for excellent Christmas gifts! Fortunately my whole family do not mind giving (or receiving!) books as gifts.

    For more book gift ideas tune in to The Book Report.
    The Book Report is a weekly radio show with fun, informative content for book lovers of all types. This week they discuss gift ideas!
    See for a complete listing of stations and times but you can also listen to show recording right on the site!

    • Thanks for this..and thanks for the link! Our Literary Hoarder Jackie gave rave reviews to The Dovekeeper so I’m sure we’ll wish to tune in to the broadcast with Alice Hoffman!

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