Audiobook Review: Seriously… I’m Kidding

Dear Ellen,

I’m so sorry, but I just could not get into your book. The content was just too random and unnecessary and you were reading WAY too fast. I know you never claimed it to be a sweeping epoch or even a biography but at the very least I thought it would amuse me on the road on my way to work for a couple of days– but I found myself with hardly a chuckle. There were several “chapters” that contained absolute nonsense (the one on meditation where it was blank, the one with colouring for the kids (no fun for the audiobook) and one with weird mouth noises and audio of eating an apple).

I still love you but I think next time I will just download your stand up or watch your show.

Yours, Jackie

I know there’s such a thing as constructive criticism but to me that is still criticism. It is just criticism with a jaunty hat.

Ellen, on being a judge on American Idol

Well– at least it was a library book so I didn’t pay for it like I did with the similarly bad Sarah Silverman and Simon Pegg autobios. I got one more celebrity book to read (Stephen Fry) then I think I will cool it with the comedians for a little while!

2 stars– I cannot believe I liked Rob Lowe’s book better! 😦

5 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: Seriously… I’m Kidding

  1. At least Fry is well spoken. You shouldn’t have too much issue with that one!

    (Too bad about the Simon Pegg one. I like him, at least as an actor!)

  2. I know! I love him too! I thought it would be all Star Wars and comic books but it was more filler (a silly fictional Simon as James Bond story at the beginning of each chapter) and girl chasing. Disappointing!

  3. Sadly, I DID buy the audiobook because her standup is hilarious and I was so, so disappointed. The back cover with the quotes to the readers was funnier than any of the content. Same as you, I thought it would be an amusing listen during my endless hours in the car … instead I was willing it to hurry up and be over and daydreaming like crazy. 😦

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