We’ve signed on for the Net Galley Knock Down!

Yes, we did. We signed on for another reading challenge, but this one is going to Help Us! 🙂 (We hope!)

Created by Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews the goal is to read through as many of  your e-galleys from Net Galley during the month of July. And seeing how our other (and exciting) collaboration isn’t going to start until later in July (see our BookerMarks collaboration!) we can totally do this! We actually need to do this!

On the list to read (but not by any means all of them, which is why we need to join this Knock Down!) :

so for the next month, please join us as we read through and review many of our Net Galley reads. We are of course so priviledged to be able to have these galleys sent to us, so we really, really need to read and review!


3 thoughts on “We’ve signed on for the Net Galley Knock Down!

  1. this will definitely help!!

    i actually started The Black Isle yesterday! i was without a book and it was on my iPhone!! 🙂

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