Buried in Books! Musings of our reading schedules

The Literary Hoarder’s Reading Schedule for January & February

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So here we are, almost already at the end of January 2013! Unbelievable! While compiling our Best of 2012 Books lists it became very apparent that there were still many books on our shelves that we still hadn’t touched yet. And then there were books that we said we wanted to get to last year, and did not! The thought started forming that for January & February, a reading schedule should be devised. Along with the promise to Not Deviate from said schedule. Penny wrote hers and emailed to Elizabeth and Jackie. Hilarity ensued, of course, but this is the Literary Hoarder’s Reading Schedules that came about that day.

Penny’s Reading Schedule:

1.) finish News from Heaven, by Jennifer Haigh. (she’s easy to read, great characters! These are
short stories) (Done!)
2.) The Drowning House, by Elizabeth Black (from Netgalley)
3.) The Tin Horse, by Janice Steinberg
4.) The House Girl by Tara Conklin
5.) All this Talk of Love, by Christopher Castellani (Netgalley) (lousy PDF)

….please don’t let me deviate!
And then……you know…should read those stories from 2011 that I wanted to get to – like— The Snow Child! geez!! I seemed to have jumped ahead in the list and started The House Girl instead of The Drowning House. Maybe the House word threw me off? I don’t know, all I do know however is that I will be ripping through The House Girl in no time. It’s a goodie so far!

Blinders on. e-reader charged. Away we go! 🙂

In terms of Audiobooks:

1.) Tell it to the Wolves was given to us by Netgalley (poopy PDF) and AudioGo just sent it to us,
so I’ll listen to it instead.
2.) Sanctity of Hate was also granted to us from AudioJukebox

But then -! man oh man! From the library I can now read:
3.) The Chaperone
(Elizabeth McGovern, aka Mrs. Crawley, reads this)
4.) The Summer we Read Gatsby
5.) Rules of Civility
(but I’m scared they are all so similar – may have to break those up!)

Elizabeth’s Reading Schedule:


1)      Flight of Gemma Hardy

2)      Middlesteins (finished in time for our book club talk with Jami, the author last night!)

3)      Glaciers

4)      Afterwards (SO ticked that I haven’t read this yet!)

5)      The Lewis Man


1)      (Finish) Light Between Oceans

2)      Defending Jacob (library)

3)      The Inquisitor (library)

What’s on my guilt radar is reading books that aren’t out NOW – like you said – trying to get to titles that might be a year+ old, because we couldn’t get to them BACK THEN!  And they CAN’T go unread!

And finally……we have Jackie’s reading schedule. She said she wasn’t as prepared as we were, but here it is:

OMG!! you guys are so organized!! here is mine:


(that was Much bigger in the email! Why can’t we show the true size? But Jackie has since said she does want to read all the books in this year’s Tournament of Books) 🙂

What books are coming up for you guys? What can’t you wait to get to for the rest of January & February? We would love to hear!

book piles

9 thoughts on “Buried in Books! Musings of our reading schedules

    • Who do we see about organizing a month-long read-a-thon. You know, one that means the whole month off work and devoted to reading! Our bosses will totally approve that right? 🙂

    • Figured that! This damn WordPress won’t let us change the size of the font? In the email it was fabulously funny! Very big and blue. But it just wasn’t allowed to come across that way here. Boooo 😦
      Love it though eh?

  1. Ack! You published my reading list! Now I REALLY have to stick to it! 😉 Jackie’s original list is by far my favorite though… still cleaning up after that spit take…

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