About Us / Review Policy

The Literary Hoarders are three friends dating back to Elementary school. Elizabeth, Penny and Jackie ‘s friendship has continued as we discovered our passion for reading has never ceased, only grown.

Each of us can lay claim to enormous, teetering piles of books “to be read” laying in many nooks and crannies in our homes. We continue to feed this disorder through regular discussion of books that we should add to our piles. We almost never turn down a recommendation.

The Literary Hoarders began as a way of offering real reader’s perspective on books and is our way of putting out to the community our recommendations, insights and thoughts on what we have read. It is a way of sharing our “want to read” lists and “can’t wait to come out” lists and any other opinions we may have about books, film adaptations and anything else that may be going o out there in the literary world.

We’ll gladly review a book however, as we have now enjoyed one full year of writing reviews this 2012 year, we’ve happened upon a few learned things and feel we should share a few rules or guidelines.


  • No Vampires, Werewolves or 50-Shades-of-Anything.
  • We are PDF-Free Reviewers: reading PDFs on our e-readers is near impossible.
  • ePubs or hard copy books are most appreciated!
  • We are Kindle-free gals! Therefore, we are unable to read Kindle or Amazon format e-books.
  • No “I Published it Myself!” Titles please.
  • No Self-Congratulatory Biographies please.

4 thoughts on “About Us / Review Policy

  1. Hello Excellent Literary Hoarders — I’ve just discovered you, how exciting! I’ve already noted two “must buys” on your book club page and will race to my favorite (Independent and thriving!) bookstore, HOOKED ON BOOKS in downtown Penticton B.C. right away to garner them in. Which may be an indication to you that I’m a book-hoarder myself.
    Happy reading — happy hoarding!
    I’ll be following along!
    Long live the real actual book!
    Best to you all,
    ps — I’ve just recently posted a piece about SOME my own last-year’s favorite reads, on the “Recent Reading” page on my website.

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