Penny’s Backlist Reading Challenge

Keep Calm

Keep Calm and Think What to Read Next: now you know that can be a difficult thing to keep calm about over here with the amount of book hoarding that goes on! So many lists for 2014 have already had me hurriedly adding to the TBR lists, but then I started looking at allllll those books sitting on my shelves, the Kobo, on the “For Later” shelf at the library, etc. and decided that I needed to create some kind of “Backlist Challenge” for myself.

I’ve compiled lists (that seemed to keep growing) broken down by “Category” from Library titles, Kobo titles, NetGalley titles and Home titles. Now the challenge for me is how to choose from each of those lists and how desperately not to stray tooooo much from them. The book covers only are showing below, they are not linked to anything, only to give a visual of what I put on my lists. I would ask for suggestions but then I’m so afraid I would quickly fall off track! Your comments are always welcomed however on what you think my selected titles.  Continue reading

24…it’s the number of books waiting for me on my Kobo

I posted on Facebook about Fall Reading Lists. There always seems to be dozens of reading lists posted for Summer, but I find that Fall is the most wonderful time to cozy up with a good read, a nice fire, beautiful and changing colours all around and the smells, oh those smells of cinnamon, pumpkin and spice! I started considering what I should include in my reading lists and checked what was waiting for me on my Kobo. Well, for starters….I definitely should begin here:

The Blackberry Bush

Case Histories

Children and Fire

Cool Water

Die with Me

A Discovery of Witches

The Family Fang

Garden Spells

The Hanging Shed

The Hidden Child

The Hypnotist

The Illuminator (and now #2 in the series listed too, The Mercy Seller!)

A Lesson in Secrets

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

The Mists of Avalon (and if I don’t start with this one, my friend Alice will hang me by my toenails I’m certain!!)

Patron Saint of Liars

Red Herring Without Mustard

The Singer’s Gun

The Snowman

The Soldier’s Wife

The Weight of Silence

When God was a Rabbit

The Woefield Poultry Collective

A World Elsewhere

I can see why we deemed ourselves Literary Hoarders! This is only what sits on my Kobo, I haven’t even catalogued what is on the shelf and hiding out in the closet yet! Sigh…But! My Fall Reading List Rocks! ☺